Rapport fra SI Nisporenis president Elena Tabara

Norwegian Union of Soroptimists supplies with water people from Moldova

”Water is the source of life”. That is why the Soroptimists from Norway, accepted to support the reconstruction of the wells from Soltănești – a village situated in the center-west of Moldova, at 10 kilometers from the town of Nisporeni, with a population of 1576 inhabitants - most of them old, with low income. About 250 people are employed in agriculture, 82 people work at the Pigs Growing Complex, 45 - work at 2 factories from Nisporeni, some work at the  Hall, kindergarten or school.

The problem of water in Soltănești is not new. Because of  the drought of the recent years and the unfavorable ecology, the villagers were not supplied with drinking water.  In 2010, the project “Supply of citizens with drinking water” was implemented and financed from the Fund of investments of the R.Moldova, but the main source of water identified in this project disappears from May to October. In the months of November-February the inhabitants are supplied with water 2 days a week. The population of the village cannot be ,also, supplied with water from the existing Nisporeni-Prut aqueduct in the near future, because a new treatment plant is necessary to be constructed. The existing one was not projected for a bigger volume of water. Due to the address of  Cozari Zinaida, resident of Soltanesti village, a woman with initiative and with a lot of enthusiasm, a former member of  Soroptimist International Nisporeni Club, the reconstruction of old sources of water  was initiated. With the support of the Follo and Rygge Soroptimist Clubs from Norway, three sources of water were restaured, renoveted,  in prdere to be useful for people. We, also, have  to mention that the reconstruction works at these fountains were carried out with care. The villagers contributed with physical work more than we expected,that is why we managed to make some economies. There were saved at the first fountain 410 euros, which were used at the second fountain,  in 2019; from the third fountain  - 450 euros were saved, which were used at the fourth fountain,  in 2020, to buy building materials. This fountain will be finished in the summer of this year. The village administration contributed with 150 euros to 2 fountains. The members of the Nisporeni Soroptimist Club monitored the progress of the construction works at these fountains, they organized meetings with the villagers. The correctness of the use of finances was checked. Now,  the three renovated fountains are used by about 750 people. Even people from nearby villages come and take water. Even if the quality of water is not very high, the inhabitants are very thankful and take care of these fountains to keep them in good condition, as an essential source of life. It is well known that the underground water in Moldova was strongly polluted during the communistic period, when a lot of pesticides were used. So, all over the country, the quality standards of water are not the best. Local authorities are negociating with romanian authorities to bring water from the Carpatian Mountains. The implementation of these projects ment a big help  the inhabitants. It eliminated the outbreaks of infectious diseases, strengthened food security and  improved the infrastructure of the village.

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” — Thomas Fuller


SI Nisporeni, Elena Tabara, president.