2022 - Korrespondanse og oppdatering

Fra SI Rygge til SI Nisporeni 01.05.2022: Dear Sisters. The first of May, beautiful spring both in Moldova and Norway. We enjoyed seeing the green surroundings round your young students waving to us. We are proud of you sisters in Si Nisporeni, the fact that you can carry out this project in spite of difficult times, hopefully an encouragement for the girls. This is now for your information from SI Rygge; We have had a "crown roll" for the benefit of refugee work. You have stated that you do not need an additional grant right now. NNevertheless the members of SI Rygge want to send you this amount of money, about 1000 euro, right now for you to put it on a special account earmarked "REFUGEE WORK". We shall send it to your club account, and you will receive a bank copi with the exact amount of money. We don`t know what the future will bring, and we think it will be good for SI Nisporeni to have a fund. You are in our thoughts every day.

Yours in soroptimism and love. On behalf of SI Rygge - Solveig


Fra SI Nisporeni til SI Rygge 02.05.2022: Thank you, dear sisters! It's so pleasant to hear such encouraging words from you. Sincere gratitude for your continuous support. Particular thanks to Rygge sisters. We will keep the money on a special account, as you suggested. In our country they say "to keep some money for black days". But let's hope the "black days" will never come and the money will be used for "white days", to celebrate peace, happiness and beauty. The 1st of May was celebrated together with the refugees. We arranged a trip for them at the Zoo. We try this way to help them overcome the stress and the difficult moments caused by the war. They thank you also.


Sincerely, with the best wishes for our best sisters from Si Follo and Rygge, your sisters from SI Nisporeni.